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Energy Solutions International (ESI) was enlisted to create the RC Series retrofit kit for the existing Corelite Navigator II fixtures installed throughout the grocery chain, Stop & Shop. The primary requirements by Stop & Shop declared that the design accomplished a list of objectives including the ability to independently mix uplight and downlight to achieve the proper mix of overall light levels, uniformity, and energy efficiency in the stores.


ESI developed a two-piece retrofit kit with integrated LED modules that provided a seamless installation utilizing existing screw holes. To eliminate the dark areas in the aisles of the store, ESI experimented with multiple types of optics until the sufficient distribution was met. The batwing lenses that were chosen for the downlight offered wide distribution so that uniform light evenly illuminated the aisles where the lights are suspended 11’ high and spaced 22’ on center. The retrofit kit was fitted with independent circuits for direct and indirect light engines, allowing the design team to tune the light outputs until the adequate light levels were met. The owners will always have the ability to change the light levels as they see fit. Wanting to maintain the existing track system in the produce section, ESI’s GN Narrow fixtures were outfitted with custom mounting saddles to use with existing track to replace linear and track head lighting. The custom saddles made for an easy installation and elegant integration with the existing track system.


A drastic decrease in dark zones throughout the store have made the lighting system a compliment to the stores as opposed to the distraction that previously existed. After approximately 11,000 retrofit kits have been installed along with hundreds of ESI’s GN Narow, the store owners are experiencing the benefits of energy savings as well as a much more aesthetically-pleasing lighting system.

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Stop & Shop Grocery

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