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ESI Sustainability

As society evolves we require more responsible use of energy and materials. Energy Solutions International (ESI) has 28 years of experience offering sustainable lighting. Each of our fixtures, manufactured in West St. Paul, MN, is produced with up to 97% recycled metal. These recycled materials help ESI reduce our carbon footprint by giving the materials a second life and avoiding landfills.

Our recycled materials are not the only way in which we make the world a greener place. We pride ourselves on our ability and flexibility to create not only custom fixtures and retrofit kits, but also a robust line of standard products. Our kits utilize the existing fixture bodies, saving those metals from landfills as well.


At ESI, we understand that sustainability goes beyond just the materials we use in our fixtures. That’s why we’ve implemented waste-saving shipping methods to reduce our impact on the environment. Our gaylord pallets are bulk-packed, opposed to individually boxing each fixture. This method reduces the amount of packaging materials needed by up to 60%, eliminating job site waste for the contractor. Additionally, these gaylord pallets double as trash bins on the job site, further reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

In addition to our use of sustainable materials, we manufacture high quality, energy efficient luminaires, tested to maintain L70 life up to 200,000+ hours. This energy efficiency guarantees building owners reduced energy costs with our LED lighting compared to any other available technology, while our long L70 life ensures the materials are used as long as possible, with little to no maintenance over the course of the fixture’s lifetime. ESI is not complacent in our sustainability efforts. We are always looking for better ways to responsibly source our materials, reduce waste, and reduce energy usage with every fixture we build.

Download our 2023 Sustainability Statement from our President/CEO, Jay Barnett HERE

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