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At ESI, we simplify the world of Lighting Controls by categorizing offerings into three tiers, which generalize a vast array of available options within the market.

Tier 1 offers independent control hardware that cannot communicate with other pieces of hardware, typically using an on/off or high/low/off sensor attached to and controlling a single fixture.

Tier 2 has the functionality to communicate with other pieces of controls hardware and may include sensors and controllers for usage within and outside of fixtures. These offerings are programmable by mobile phone apps or handheld remotes and may include features like shared occupancy and daylight control, wireless switch communication, and scene setting. Some Tier 2 offerings may also include app-based energy monitoring.


Tier 3 offers networking and centralized monitoring, which may require additional hardware like gateways, load controllers, and server trays. They typically include features like location services, centralized management dashboards, cloud integration, and third-party integrations.


Our list of controls partners includes brands we believe offer the best solutions and that we are well-versed in their hardware and software, when applicable. We are not limited to the list below and prefer to stay agnostic in our offering. We are constantly researching to discover the next control offering that works flawlessly and offers unique features.

ESI Controls Partnerships

Tier 3

Tier 2

Tier 1

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