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ESI lighting is your total solution for the needs of today’s retrofit energy driven environment. With a tenacious focus on always providing the correct solution, we believe in creating energy efficient excellence for our friends doing business in the retrofit space of the lighting industry! We are passionate about being “American Made” and only use high quality materials and cutting-edge technology in our products. Our ability to modify our product offering to match individual project needs and special applications is truly unique in our industry. Combining our flexibility and solution-centric mindset with our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities secures our promise that “we will always do it right.”

For the past 25 years we have quietly served our friends as a niche solution provider. We are supported by good people, with good intentions, always looking to do the right thing — all from the Land of 10,000 lakes, right here in Minnesota. We absolutely love who we are and what we do and are now preparing to share our culture and value proposition with the rest of the industry’s energy-solution providers – taking our company to the next level. We will be moving forward with our new strategic initiatives in the coming months, committed to applying our entrepreneurial strategies and home-grown value proposition to the controls-minded Internet of Things (IoT) industry trends — the future will be organic, and very exciting!  Our love of this industry and our inherent desire to serve provides an environment where entrepreneurial thinking and superior customer service, from design to delivery, can flourish. This creates an environment where our relationships ultimately transcend the job — our people and our partnerships are our greatest asset!

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