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Federally Funded Projects
Non-Federal Recipients:
  - Local Governments
  - Tribal Nations
  - Non-Profit Organizations
Domestic Cost Threshold:
  - >55% Component Cost
  - COTS Waiver Not Allowed


Federal Government Projects
Federal Recipients: 
  - Federal Agencies
  - Federally Managed
Domestic Cost Threshold:
  - >65% Component Cost 
  - COTS Waiver Allowed


At Energy Solutions International (ESI), based in West St. Paul, MN, we are dedicated to producing high-quality lighting solutions that adhere to Buy American and Buy American Act standards. Through meticulous checks and calculations, we ensure that our products meet or exceed the minimum domestic content thresholds mandated by these regulations. By manufacturing domestically, we not only guarantee compliance but also contribute to the growth of domestic employment. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond regulatory requirements, as we continuously innovate to provide energy-efficient and reliable lighting solutions that align with our customers' sustainability goals.

Trouble finding what you need? Find it easily HERE with our BABA Product Guide!

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