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A large hospital in St. Paul, MN needed to address the poor light levels and constant maintenance in their parking garage. The hospital was looking to decrease dark zones, increase average light levels, and decrease their energy footprint compared to their aging LED system. Addressing these issues would lead to a safer space for employees and patients, while also creating a more sustainable, energy-focused standard for the hospital.


Energy Solutions International (ESI) provided a solution to their problem by outfitting their parking garage with the GA Series. The GA Series is ESI’s round vapor tight parking garage fixture. The product offers wide distribution to decrease dark zones in the parking garage, creating a safer and more efficient facility. Each fixture was fitted with a daylight and occupancy sensor, allowing for further energy conservation.

Like all ESI products, the GA Series is Made in America and BAA compliant, ensuring the highest quality and ethical standards. ESI’s GA Series not only provided a safer and more energy-efficient environment but also proved to be cost-effective in the long run, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.


The entire project included 483 GA Series fixtures with an input wattage of 30W, replacing 40W LED. The energy savings from the project will save the hospital and estimated $9,000 annually. Overall, ESI’s innovative and sustainable solution helped the hospital achieve its goal of providing a safer and more energy-efficient environment for their patients, staff, and visitors, showcasing the company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. The hospital management team was pleased with the results and has expressed their interest in ESI’s products for future projects.

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Twin Cities Parking Ramp

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