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Energy Solutions worked with Avi-on and Energy Management Consultants, Inc.(EMC) to provide this hospital with 1,200 retrofit kits and fixtures integrated with Avi-on advanced wireless controls. Not only will the LED conversion with integrated controls add a fresh and updated aesthetic to the hospital, it will also save the hospital 800,000 KwH per year, along with an energy savings rebate nearing $300,000.

ESI makes it a point to make every installation as simple and time-efficient as possible. In this case, ESI shipped the kits and fixtures with the Avi-on controls onboard and already setup to ensure an easy plug-and-play installation.

The efficiency of ESI's retrofit kits and fixtures paired with the advanced lighting controls of Avi-on including zonal control, daylight harvesting, and IoT energy monitoring can turn any building into a smart building.

Massachusetts Hospital

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