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CLEARY was looking to cut down on energy consumption in their building in _____ New York. After research into the cost of new fixtures and the required maintenance of TLED options, CLEARY approached ESI with the desire to retrofit the existing Up/Down fixtures.


The first run of the existing lighting layout consisted of two designs, in varying lengths. CLEARY sent ESI one sample fixture of each design. Working closely with the contractor, ESI was able to design a retrofit kit for each design with a simple installation process for each. The installation went smoothly and the customer was pleased with the updated look and energy savings.

A few months later ESI received another call about the CLEARY job, this time to retrofit the third and final fixture design in the executive and meeting offices. With the contractor's newfound familiarity with the ESI process, he was able to provide all required dimensions and information to the ESI engineering team who was able to design and ship a prototype to test for fit. Shortly after, ESI received great feedback that the retrofit kit fit the existing fixture perfectly, and CLEARY now has reduced its energy footprint while giving the space a long-term lighting solution.


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