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Chick-fil-A store owners required a disinfection system that met the following objectives:

  • Rapid and effective treatment against commonly spread pathogens including SARS-CoV-2

  • Safe solution that does not hinder or negatively affect staff, patrons, food, business operation, and facility infrastructure

  • Scientifically proven efficacy

  • Does not require the hiring of additional staff

  • Preferred: Additional benefits including remediation of mold, pollutants, and VOCs


Kitchens, dining areas, and play areas were outfitted with two-in-one hybrid UVC disinfection fixtures which provide tri-level air purification during times of occupancy and are scheduled for deep whole-room disinfection treatments at night while restaurants are vacant. Restrooms are treated with automatic between-use fixtures that provide 5-minute treatments while restrooms are unoccupied.


Significant Reduction of Pathogens

99.99% and greater rates of reduction of many viruses, bacteria, and mold achieved. See next page for details.

Between-Use Restroom Disinfection

Improved disinfection of nexus for pathogen spread without requiring the onboarding of additional staff or extended restroom closures.

Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Up to 99.99% reduction of allergens, odors, airborne irritants, harmful VOCs generated from cooking apparatus, among others.

Effective Treatments During Occupancy

Significant improvements to quality of occupancy achieved for patrons and employees without hindering normal restaurant operation.


In phase two of the pilot program, UVC disinfection systems at both restaurants will be outfitted with remote monitoring capabilities including live system status, real-time data, extensive reporting, multi-facility operation, central system program adjustments, and automated health pings. The incorporation of remote monitoring maximizes the long-term viability and future-readiness of this system for safe and effective disinfection of pathogens, VOCs, mold, allergens, and beyond.


General areas in restaurants including kitchen, dining area, and play areas are equipped with hybrid UVC disinfection fixtures with two modes of treatment: air purification during working hours and comprehensive whole-room treatment automatically deployed.


Devices are schedule to operate for 30-minute comprehensive surface and air treatments evenings from 3:00 -3:30am while premises are vacated. The average dosage of 253.7nm UVC light achieved per treatment is 26.7mJ/cm2 which provides the following rates of disinfection:

SARS-CoV-2: > 99.99%

Influenza: > 99.99%
Coxsackievirus: > 99.9%
MRSA: > 99.9%
C. Dif: > 99%
E. Coli: > 99.99%
Norovirus:> 99.9%
StreptococcusPyogenes: > 99.99%
Penicillium: > 95%
Clostridium Botulinum: > 99.9%

Note: Due to slow replication rate of molds, accumulated dosages over two-week period of nightly comprehensive treatments provide 99% and greater disinfection rates against difficult-to-treat molds including Aspergillus and Fischeralla strains.


During working hours, air is purified via three stages of treatment including high-intensity UVC, HEPA, and active carbon filtration. In combination, 99.9% and greater reductions of particulates down to .3 microns, viruses, and bacteria can be achieved. Reported indoor air quality improvements include the reduction of the following: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Odors, Allergens Including Mold Spores and Pollen, Viruses, Bacteria, Pollutants, Smoke, Chemical Vapors, Dust, Lint, and Ozone.


Restroom devices are set to automatically engage 5-minute treatments between usage. In-fixture sensors deactivate treatments if occupancy is detected resulting in a safe and effective disinfection solution that requires highly limited engagement from Chick-fil-A personnel.

The dosage of each treatment averages 5.76 mJ/cm2 which provides 99% and greater disinfection against SARS-Cov-2, influenza strains, E.Coli, Streptococcus Pyogenes, among other common restroom pathogens. Due to the frequent use of these restrooms, 15+ treatments can be expected daily. As such, overall daily UVC dosages in restrooms are equivalent to or greater than the aforementioned values for nightly Whole Room hybrid treatments.

Chick-fil-A UVC Pilot

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