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Anderson County Schools


Anderson County, Tennessee, faced a pressing challenge: high energy consumption due to outdated lighting systems. Moreover, there was a need to address the sensory sensitivities experienced by children in special education programs. To tackle this multifaceted issue, Energy Solutions International (ESI) stepped in with a comprehensive lighting retrofit project.


ESI, an experienced American-made lighting manufacturer renowned for its cutting-edge solutions, demonstrated its prowess by tailoring an innovative retrofit plan. Over 400 custom retrofit kits were meticulously crafted to meet Anderson County’s specific requirements.

One of the groundbreaking features of ESI’s solution was the integration of RGBW LED technology. This enabled the lights not only to provide energy efficiency, but also to dynamically adjust colors. This proved instrumental in creating an environment conducive to children with sensory sensitivities. With 40 carefully programmed switches, the staff could effortlessly modify the lighting scheme, ensuring an optimal and comfortable learning environment. Additionally, ESI’s retrofit kits incorporated ambient white lighting. This was a significant upgrade from the old, inefficient fluorescent lights, delivering substantial energy savings while maintaining superior illumination quality.

The project not only revolutionized the energy landscape of Anderson County but also showcased ESI’s exceptional capability to engineer tailored solutions. ESI’s expertise in custom lighting solutions, coupled with their commitment to sustainability, made them the ideal partner for this endeavor.

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