About Us

ESI HeadquartersEnergy Solutions International (ESI) is a manufacturer of innovative, energy-efficient LED, Fluorescent and Plasma based lighting fixtures and retrofit kits. Since 1992, ESI has been developing creative lighting solutions utilizing quality components from suppliers such as OSRAM Sylvania, GE, Advance and Philips for our retail, industrial and commercial customers. Based in West St. Paul, MN, we truly provide 'Made in the USA' products.

ESI has a unique blend of advantages that will help maximize our contractor and distributor partner's effectiveness across manufacturer partners and ultimately drive value for their customers and profitability for their team. Among these are:

  • Unique Vendor/Customer relationships: we work closely with our vendors and customers driving value through the IC sales channel.
  • Partnerships: This core philosophy enables ESI to understand the whole project and to quickly help design, recommend and provide solutions which solve issues and provide high levels of customer and contractor satisfaction.
  • Low Initial Investment: Since ESI has very short lead times, most of the project inventory is made on an 'as-needed' basis rather than being held in stock. This allows our customers to operate more leanly driving higher EVA and flexibly allowing more rapid change to new technology.
  • Marketing Support: ESI employees come from a variety of local and national, contractor, distributor and manufacturing backgrounds. This has enabled us to develop a set of marketing tools and strategies to help our customers and partners become more effective and efficient in providing lighting conversion solutions.
  • Flexibility & Quick Response: Because of our flexible manufacturing capabilities, we are able to change set-up's very quickly. This, combined with our in-house engineering and design staff, allows us to meet exact customer requirements quickly. Typical lead time for standard products is days vs weeks and new product development is weeks vs months.

When you add it all up, ESI will help you provide the 'right' solutions for your customer, create advantage vs competitor's 'me too' solution and capitalize on your lighting conversion opportunities as efficiently as possible!

For more information, please contact us at sales@esilighting.com or call us at 651-268-6060. If you are ever in the Twin Cities area, please stop in and see us and our plant! We would love to see you, introduce our team and show you our capabilities first hand.

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