T-LEDs and low-cost imports got you feeling down? See why ESI takes pride in providing the right solution on time - every time!

We have all seen the effects that LED has imposed on our industry - no aspect of application or design has been left untouched. In many ways this has been extremely positive and has created more than it has destroyed within its disruptive influence. That said, the LED phenomenon has also provided the opportunity for outside low•end providers to import cheap and inferior products, resulting in a drastic and destructive industry "race to the bottom!"


When the goal is to buy or sell at the lowest possible price -- the "right solution" for the project application always gets lost within the fog. This strategy is simply not a strategy at all -- it is not selling! If 80% or more of your business is predicated on the sale of T-LEDS or BARS, you're a part of this unhealthy practice also known as "If it's on - I'm gone!" This is a practice that does not put the end-user first, it's simply the easiest way to make a sale. It does not consider L70's (the time it takes until its light output reaches 70% of the initial output) nor the disruption to the end-user's working environment when replacements become necessary. There is a relevant dollar value to this attribute that many in our industry do not disclose or put on the table.


Investing in Integrated fixtures with an L70 of 100-150,000 hours (vs. T-LEDS or Imports with L70's of 50,000 hours) should not be eliminated from consideration. When factored into the proposal, the higher the L70 the longer the end ­user has until needing to once again disrupt his/her working environment and re-invest in his future savings. The value here is a truly powerful story. Are there applications where T-LEDs are appropriate? Absolutely! But too many are presented as the first offering. The bottom line is that we all simply need to be better. We are lighting professionals and are supposed to be advocates for our customers -this means providing a "good- better- best" solution and the "why" behind each. Become the teacher that your customer believes you to be -the industry needs to make a shift now and turn the race to the bottom into the promise for the future! Time for us all to be what the industry truly is asking for - professionals providing the right solution with transparency, integrity, and a desire to always do it right!

"If 80% or more of your business is predicated on the sale of T-LEDS or BARS, you're a part of this unhealthy practice also known as "If it's on - I'm gone!"


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