The right solution to your IoT opportunity!

ESI’s Controls First “IoT-Ready” mindset for the “IoT-Future”!


Energy Solutions International (ESI) is leading the way in 2018 with a “controls” mind-set and an “IoT-ready” strategy. We are leading with controls, with a certified LCA salesforce, and believe heavily that our partnerships with controls manufacturers are the key to driving ESI’s brand nationally through collaborative project acquisition and technological
innovation! We are partnering with the best in the industry, providing controls for stand-alone and networked multi-facility management opportunities.

Our sales professionals can offer the right solution for the environmental need or project requirement, and can also provide the support that wireless network controls opportunities require – on the front-end conversations around security and protocol; at deployment around start-up, scheduling, and commissioning; and on the back end where on-going support helps to provide the continued value-add that wireless controls and LED are designed to provide.

Through our partnerships, we have the ability to offer unique options for specific applications, such as color tuning (tunable white) on any fixture with correlated color temps ranging from 2700K to 6500K. 

We have partnered with the leading commissioning agent team in the United States -- Greenlight IoT – they are the key to your project’s overall success.

ESI is on the frontline of this evolutionary technological environment, and we are using all of the innovative opportunities available within our channel strategy, our go-to-market messaging, and our partnership development – the future is controls, and ESI is providing a full solution around this industry reality!

Our partnerships with industry leading controls manufacturers allow us to give you the best possible solutions to your IoT opportunities!


We have partnerships with companies including;


                       Signify (Philips)                Casambi

                       Legrand                             LG

                       Enlighted                          Daintree (Current Powered by GE)

                       Avi-On                               Digital Lumens

                       EnOcean                           Autani Building Controls

These partnerships allow us to bring you reputable, reliable controls for any application.



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