Modification and customization – Fast, clean, and dependable!

For years LED lighting design has consisted of glass and metal pieces purchased from a wholesaler or a home improvement store. As technology has progressed, Energy Solutions has developed a comprehensive design and prototyping system to help our customers get exactly what they desire in commercial lighting design. With the help of design simulation software, we can design and develop lighting fixtures for even the most difficult projects. We use an array of programs Including: AutoDesk Inventor, Photopia, Radan, and AGI32.

These programs allow for rapid adjustments to individual projects. With the ability to change pieces fast, the end product is in our customers’ hands that much faster! These systems also have the capabilities to test and evaluate prototypes, easily predicting how a lighting fixture will perform in a given area. When working with a specific lighting design, this makes the design process simple and efficient. While this software is a great advancement in technology, there are still times when a physical prototype is needed, and in those instances, we are able to produce the fixtures using numerous types of material.

Give us your application challenge – Let us be the solution!

Keeping projects on track is very important to us and our customers. With access to several different types of materials, it is easy to keep to tight timelines. We determine which material is best for the prototype lights by looking at how the final product will be used. No matter what our customers need from their lights, we are the solution for their lighting project.




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